Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hey, all. So this is going to my new home for my movie news. I have been blogging about movies for the past few years now, but have been looking for a change of pace. I feel that the blogging world has gone a bit too mainstream when it comes to reviews and discussions in the world of film (and god do I hate using that term - mainstream - but it is about the only way to describe it). It used to be that you would go on to a newsgroup and have a serious, yet fun discussion about what movies you loved, about what pissed you off about Hollywood, or just how you think this year is going to compare to the years before. While you can still do all that now, it is not the same anymore. Movie reviews are bought and sold online, third-party companies are hired to create accounts on forums to sway interest and opinions, and the old school reviewers who once sat where I did are now in control of their own million-dollar companies, perpetuating this cycle.

So it is time to get back to the basics, to be excited about the new releases, to actually talk about our favorite movies instead of flaming the other guy for liking that one shit movie. I am looking forward to this time.


  1. Thank for you posting on my blog. I can't wait to see more posts from you here. ^^

  2. I love movie news. Im from detroit, and they are doing a crapload of new movies here so i get a great chance to be a part of the crew as an extra... Would be sweet but if i do ill post up some of my experiences.

  3. waiting for some more posts man. Dont let this die!